Are you concerned about your welfare due to the economic crisis? Do you fear for your safety because of the rising crime rate and threat of terrorist attacks? Are you feeling anxiety over the unstable world situation? Are you dealing with a personal crisis? Or do you simply desire a closer relationship with God? God in the Silence is for anyone needing the encouragement, hope, peace, joy, assurance, and security that only God can give. It is also for those desiring to hear from God and for those desiring to experience God’s presence and love in a deeper way. These messages from God for each day of the year are the result of one woman’s experience of listening to God in the silence and recording God’s messages. Seeking to lay aside her own agenda, quiet her mind and focus on God, and taking seriously His admonition, “Be still, and know that I am God,” Elsie Brunk began hearing from God in a new way. Along with the joy of hearing God and being reassured of His great love, Elsie found that God delights in our quieting of mind and heart and listening for His voice in the silence. She also found that listening takes time, discipline, and perseverance. Published in connection with Hartline Literary Agency, serving the Christian book community.

This book is out of print, but used copies are occasionally available to purchase on


Almost everyone experiences emotional dryness. Some go from one desert to another. Others spend most of their lives in the wilderness. No matter what the cause, we share common feelings and questions on the journey.

Throughout the simple and direct devotionals in Encouragement in the Wilderness, the author offers understanding, hope, and encouragement for the weary wanderer seeking God’s presence, love, and help. Through these brief but powerful meditations, readers are drawn to God’s Word and learn how He provides refreshing water as we travel along the uncertain and often frightening paths of tough times, testing and insecurity.



Both of Elsie’s books are out of print, but used copies are occasionally available to purchase on


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