About Elsie

Head Shot -- 6-1[rs] copyElsie is  no stranger to difficult times. Her mother died when she was three years old and her “Grammy” (who was then raising her) died when Elsie was 13. Difficult teen years followed and at 17, Elsie experienced an emotional breakdown. She discovered that it is through the on-going difficulties that we learn many of life’s most important lessons, especially spiritual lessons such as patience, endurance, dependency on God, and a deep trust in Him.

Elsie is wife, mother of four grown children and their spouses, grandmother of 12, and great-grandma of four boys. In earlier years, she was a foster mom to five teenage girls and two pre-teen boys (not all at once!!).

Elsie enjoys photographing God’s wonderful creation including birds, flowers, trees, clouds, sunsets and sunrises.

Elsie has kept a journal for many years and is also writing journals for her 12 grandchildren. She has written articles for church magazines since the 1960’s, but otherwise didn’t seriously write for publication until 1995. Since then, Elsie’s articles and devotionals have been published in Live, Christian Parenting Today, The Family Digest, Standard, The Secret Place, and other periodicals. Her book, “Encouragement in the Wilderness—Devotionals for Days of Discouragement, Depression, and Despair” was published in May, 2002. In 2011, this book was published, with different cover, as an e-book titled, “Streams of Living Water for a Thirsty Soul.”*  Later, Lighthouse Publishing  of the Carolinas published “Encouragement in the Wilderness–Devotionals for Days of Discouragement, Depression, and Despair” as a print book and also Kindle. Elsie’s latest book, “God in the Silence–Hearing His Love for You,” was released in December, 2016.  

Elsie has benefited greatly from writers’ workshops led by Bob Hostetler, Cecil Murphey, Marlene Bagnull, and other writers. And in the lessons of life, she has been—and continues to be—home-schooled by God!

*”Streams of Living Water for a Thirsty Soul” title, no longer available.





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