Whose Praise?

Recently I received copies of the latest compilation book containing  one of my stories. When I checked the bios of the story authors in the back of the book, I saw that my bio was woefully out of date…by two years! (I must have forgotten to send an update). 

As fast as time seems to go anymore, two years can change many things in a person’s life. I have been married to my husband for two more years. We now have six great grandchildren instead of four. The e-book listed in my bio has been given a new title so it is no longer available under the old title. The titles of my two published e-books with print copies weren’t included in the bio. But worse than all of that, I felt like “the least” of all the other authors as I read their  bios. They were all involved in many things and claimed many accomplishments.

As I paused to consider what prompted those “least-of-these” feelings, I asked myself: Did they bubble to the surface because deep down I want to be recognized…impress others…accomplish great things? Perhaps I need to remind myself that God doesn’t talk much in His Word about our being successful, but He does talk a lot about our being faithful–even in a very little.

Also, I’m reminded of who I am…a Child of the King. I’m salt to the earth and light to the world…not for my glory, but that others will praise God when they see any accomplishments as the result of my faithfulness in being salt and light.

From that perspective, I decided it really didn’t matter how I appeared to others, as long as God received the praise.  

Now if only I can remember that in the future! 

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