Pre-launch Post for book, God in the Silence

For those of you who haven’t heard, a new book is being “born!” I’m excited to make  the announcement! The following post gives you a little insight into the book. (Watch for future posts regarding God in the Silence.)

Re: Answers from God

What are your needs and desires? What does your heart long for—peace?—a deeper relationship with God?—hearing God speak to you?—the ability to trust God completely?—learning God’s answers for your unrest, your loneliness, your pain? In the soon to be released e-book (Dec. 1st 2016), print book to follow) God in the Silence addresses these heart-felt needs and desires. This daily devotional contains messages for people desiring to hear from God, and who want to develop a closer relationship with Him. God desires that we, His Children, go to Him and express our needs, our problems, and whatever else is on our mind. But God also desires that we “listen” to what He says. Throughout God in the Silence, we are encouraged to come to Him expectantly, quiet our mind and heart before Him, and listen to His life-changing words.  He loves us, and wants us to know and believe He is there for us.




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