Launch Post — Book: God in the Silence

This was supposed to be a Pre-Launch post, but is now a “Launch Post”

Re: Hearing God’s Voice

Do you long to hear God’s Voice? Would you like to come away from your times spent with God, with the satisfaction of knowing you sat at His feet and heard His words as Mary did in Mark 10:38-42? In God in the Silence, God encourages you to come to Him and listen to Him speak. His voice may not come to you audibly, but you can hear His still, small voice within your spirit, if you quiet your mind and heart and listen. What a blessed experience!


These, and many more truths and encouragements can be found in God in the Silence, by Elsie H. Brunk. E-book released today, December 1st, as scheduled, with print book to follow. White Glove Publishing

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